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NCOALink Services

Substantiation of NCOALink Move Update Compliance is provided for every address list delivering a NCOALink Processing Summary Report (PSR) identifying the specific list and statistics resulting from the NCOALink process performed on the list. NCOALink goes back up to 18 Month.

The standard output of a USPS NCOALink process is:

  1. Each original unaltered input name and address as it was presented.
  2. The standardized input address appended with the correct ZIP+4®/DPC, other postal values and any other intelligence flags or footnotes that result from the CASS processing segment.
  3. For each mailing address for which there is a match to the NCOALink Product, a standardized new address with Intelligent Mail® barcode and standard return codes.
  4. When a match is made, the following elements must be returned: the move effective date, the specific name and address utilized in the query that obtained the match, and the move type. The move type is determined by the Interface based on the specific name inquiry utilized to obtain the match.
  5. For each mailing address for which there is not a match to the NCOALink Product, the Interface shall return all elements as appropriate under items a and b as well as any standard return codes as may be appropriate.
  6. The urbanization name information, when applicable.
  7. The carrier route information for new (updated) addresses.
  8. Processing summary report containing information to identify the specific list and the statistics resulting from the NCOALink process performed on the list.

NCOALink Return Codes returned in 3 separate fields:

Return Code
A – COA (Change of Address) Match
91 – COA Match: Secondary Number dropped from COA
92 – COA Match: Secondary Number Dropped from input
01 – Foreign Move
02 – Moved Left No Address (MLNA)
03 – Box Closed No Order (BCNO)
05 – New 11-digit DPBC is Ambiguous
14 – New Address Would Not Convert at Run Time
19 – New Address not ZIP+4 coded Cannot Match COA
00 – No Match
04 – Street Address with Secondary
06 – Conflicting Directions: Middle Name Related
07 – Conflicting Directions: Gender Related
08 – Other Conflicting Instructions
09 – High-rise Default
10 – Rural Default
11 – Individual Match: Insufficient COA Name for Match
12 – Middle Name Test Failed
13 – Gender Test Failed
15 – Individual Name Insufficient
16 – Secondary Number Discrepancy
17 – Other Insufficient Name
18 – General Delivery
20 – Conflicting Directions after re-chaining
66 – Input Address appears in Daily Delete suppression file

Move Type
I – Individual Move (match based on Full Name)
F – Family Move (match based on Surname)
B – Company Move (match based on entire business name)

Date of Move


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