USPS® Move Update Requirement NCOALink®

Move Update Requirement

Move Update compliance refers to the USPS requirement that all addresses on mailings that receive automation or presort discounts for First-Class and Standard Mail® must undergo address correction within 95 days of the mailing. NCOALink processing is one of the approved Move Update options.

The NCOALink service matches CASS/DPV® processed addresses against NCOALink data, which contains change-of-address information for individuals, families and businesses who have filed a change of address with the USPS.

Each record contains the relocating postal customer’s name along with an old and new address. Whenever a match is made, the new address is returned as well as the old (original) address information.

Beginning on November 23, 2008, the USPS provides postage discounts for First-Class or Standard Mail only if the mailer certifies that each name and address on the list has been processed through an approved Move Update option. The term for this certification is Move Update Compliance.

This Move Update requirement is part of the USPS goal of reducing undeliverable-as-addressed mail by 50% in 2010. This type of mail costs an estimated $2 billion every year.

USPS Move Update Validation

The USPS qualifies business mail with a system called MERLIN® used in Move Update certification. If the mailing is found to be within tolerance, the list is considered Move Update compliant. If the mailing does not pass the MERLIN Move Update certification, the mailer can either withdraw and re-do the mailing or pay additional postage on the entire mailing.

Move Update Compliance Options

The USPS offers four approved Move Update methods for First-Class and Standard Mail.
• NCOALink processing
• Ancillary Service Endorsement
• Address Change Service in conjunction with an Intelligent Mail® barcode

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