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The NCOALink Product is a secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records consisting of the names and addresses of individuals, families and businesses who have filed a change-of-address with the USPS®. Prior to mailing, companies can have their list(s) processed against the USPS NCOALink Database to identify individuals, families, and businesses that: Have moved and completed the USPS COA Form. (Moved, with forwarding address) Have moved without providing a COA to the USPS (Mail will not be forwarded). Do not match 100% (yet are close) to the NCOALink Database These records are returned with the move effective date as well as Return Codes that explain why a new forwarding address could not be returned to you.
Millions of people and businesses move every month submitting change-of-address data to the USPS. The USPS maintains the NCOALink change-of-address national database to help mailers update customer addresses. Since 1986, ACS Service, National Change of FASTforward® have helped mailers avoid wasted materials and postage. Note that NCOA and FASTforward are retired products.
EZ24x7 software will process your list at a 100,000 records per minute. Without any FTP uploads or downloads you get the whole process done in real-time right from your PC.
EZ24x7 considers your original data and service results your property. Your data belongs solely to you and will never be viewed, altered or used for any purpose except to provide the services you requested.
To qualify for First-Class Mail®and Standard Mail® postage discounts, each name and address must be updated within 95 days before mailing. Mailers must certify compliance with the Move Update Requirement when mail is presented to the USPS. In most cases, NCOALink service is the most cost-effective way to obtain change-of-address information and satisfy the Move Update Requirement
EZ24x7 software works on all Windows PC's, it is not compatible with Mac computers.
CASS/DPV processing corrects address data including ZIP Code, ZIP + 4 and carrier route. The NCOALink service matches CASS processed addresses against the change-of-address national database for individuals, families and businesses. Each change-of-address record contains the postal customer’s name along with an old and new address. Whenever a match is made to the postal customer’s name and old address, the new address is returned as well as the old address.
Customer lists, invoicing, statements and newsletters generate regular mailings. When you mail every 90 days or less, there are alternatives to NCOALink processing. When reliable delivery to customers is critical and failure is not an option, it is best to maintain 100% quality of the list integrating to Address Enhancement Software (API) bi-monthly maintenance and validate addresses as they are acquired.
NCOALink service starts with CASS/DPV validation before processed ZIP + 4® coded addresses against the NCOALink change-of-address national database. Standardized and current addresses enhance processing and delivery of mail. This reduces undeliverable-as-addressed mail and lowers costs through improved efficiency.
EZ24x7 NCOALink move update service guides you through the CASS/DPV and NCOALink process updating your address list from your PC while you wait and follows through with presort preparation including bar-coded mail-pieces in trays or sacks with all required USPS forms ready to take to the Post Office. CASS/DPV processing and NCOALink move update service is applied to your address list at over 100,000 records per minute from your PC without FTP uploads and downloads. LACSLink, and eLOT services are inexpensive add-on options to the NCOALink move update service.
First, because it’s required by the Postal Service for First-Class Mail and Standard Mail automation and presort rates. Second, millions of individuals, families and businesses change address every month. NCOALink move update service ensures deliverability. NCOALink move update service qualifies your mail for the fastest, most economical, most reliable postal services. Correctly addressed mail is delivered in as little as three days. Without move update service, the same mail may take weeks, or worse, be undeliverable as addressed.
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