Mail Automation For Presort

EZ24x7 Presort and Printing

EZ24x7 bulk mail presort software meets all USPS® requirements for automated presort. The NCOALink® processed list is sorted into tray or sack order generating the required USPS Qualification Report describing tray or sack preparation, bar-coded tray or sack labels and the Postage Summary.

Presort options

• First-Class – Automation Letters/Cards and Automation Flats
• Standard Mail® – Automation Letters and Automation Flats
• Periodical – Automation Letters and Automation Flats
• Enhanced Carrier Route (requires eLOT®add-on)
• Profit/Non-profit
• Mail piece dimensions (width, height, thickness and weight)

PS Form 3553 : CASS Summary Report

This form meets the USPS requirements for proof of address correction.

Qualification Reports

The required USPS Qualification Report generated by EZ24x7 Presort describes tray or sack preparation and serves as a guide to loading trays or sacks with EZ24x7 print mail pieces.

Postage Statement

The USPS postage statement is self-invoicing by reporting mail class, sortation level, number of pieces and postage due. Total postage due, weight and number of mail pieces are reported on the first page. Postage statements generated by EZ24x7 Presort include:
• PS Form 3600-R : First-Class Mail®
• PS Form 3602-N : Nonprofit Standard Mail®
• PS Form 3602-R : Standard Mail®

Bar-coded Tray and Sack Labels

Trays and sacks require a bar-coded label generated by EZ24x7 Presort ready to print..

Mail Piece Preparation

If recipient name and address are printed directly on envelopes or address labels, EZ24x7 Print can produce them in bulk mail presort order. There are dozens of predefined address labels and envelopes with or without return address and permit imprint. User-defined envelopes and address labels permit definition of non-standard envelopes, address labels or custom forms suitable for bulletins and newsletters.

*The postage summary is currently not provided for periodical letters and flats, but coming soon.


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