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When someone moves and fills out a USPS® change-of-address card, the change-of-address is added to the national change-of-address database. EZ24x7 NCOALink® service compares CASS processed mailing addresses to the NCOALink data updating addresses that are no longer valid providing the recipient’s new address as well as the old (original) address information.

Approximately 40 million NCOALink change-of-address requests are filed annually. AES systems receives weekly NCOALink data updates. The new address supplied by the postal customer must be ZIP + 4® codeable to qualify for addition to the NCOALink file.

EZ24x7 end-to-end processing starts with CASS/DPV© processing and NCOALink service to assure maximum effectiveness of your mailing and continues through presort and mail piece production in mail tray or sack order complete with all required postal forms and bar-coded tray/sack labels.

CASS/DPV processing and NCOALink updates are applied to your address list in real-time* within minutes without FTP uploads and downloads. You only pay for the address processing.

*AES Systems receives weekly NCOALink updates.

Most cost effective mail data handling system around, offering you competitively priced NCOALink service updating from your PC in minutes not days (no FTP uploads) finished off with Presort and ready to go to the Post Office.

Using EZ24x7 can save your business thousands of dollars annually in list processing fees alone. Businesses that mail at First-Class, Periodical or Standard Mail® rates and use a competing postal software product to perform CASS processing, Presort and print their names and addresses should seriously consider taking a closer look at the EZ24x7 postal software product.

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The EZ24x7 application guides you through the NCOALink process starting with your address file and ending with printed Intelligent Mail® barcoded mail in trays or sacks with all required USPS forms ready to take to the Post Office. Perfect for any business, large or small full of help documentation to guide you through the process.

• You only pay for the actual CASS/ NCOALink change-of-address processing
• NCOALink process directly from your PC (no FTP upload/download)
• Processes 100k records a minute
• No Softwarwe or License Fees
• USPS CASS Certified since 1996
• Intuitive and easy to use interface
• End-to-end complete mailing solution

Step 1: CASS/DPV Validation / NCOALink

Our software communicates in real-time with the USPS Move Update service with 100% data security to process lists against 18-month NCOA data. (National Change of Address) EZ24x7 software then checks the CASS/DPVaddress against a list of known “registered” movers. Registered movers are those who have filled out a change of address card or submitted a change of address online. NCOALink processing runs at over 100,000 records per minute. NCOALink processing is integrated into the CASS/DPV validation processed directly from your PC. EZ24x7 does not require FTP upload and download processing your list in a few minutes. LACSLink®, eLOT® and RDI services are inexpensive add-on options to the NCOALink service.

Step 2: Enhance Address Look Up and Correction

Correcting input addresses prior to mailing is crucial to your business’s success. This helps reduce the undeliverable mail pieces before mail enters the mail stream and reduces undeliverable mail. The painter service helps find any deliverable U.S. postal address from the more than 150 million USPS delivery points while minimizing keystrokes by applying city lookup, ZIP Code™ lookup and delivery address lookup clues. Verifies, corrects, and standardizes the addresses in your database using the USPS National Database file. It also appends current ZIP+4, Carrier Route and Delivery Point Codes. After your records are updated, they are standardized to meet USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) standards and a CASS Certificate (Form 3553) is produced

Address verification helps to ensure that your mail pieces will be delivered by the post office. If during the matching process any addresses are found to undeliverable record. However be out of range, an error will be returned to flag the address as a potentially, no records are deleted from your database. The Enhance service overwrites data in the Address field to meet abbreviation standards set by the USPS (i.e. ST for Street, N for North, etc.) and allows you to correct minor spelling errors.

Step 3: Postal Presort

Presort Accuracy and Validation Evaluation (PAVE) is used by mailers to take advantage of the tremendous postage discounts offered by the USPS for presorting all classes of mail: First Class, Periodicals, Standard Mail, and Package Service; and for all types of mail: letters, flats and parcels. Using software to presort your mail allows significant savings on postage and time-and labor-saving features enabling fast job turnarounds! From the NCOALink processed address list, presort the list into tray or sack order. Presorting the list generates required USPS Qualification Report, bar-coded tray or sack labels and required Postage Summary calculating and reporting the actual postage due. When you come to EZ24x7 for presort processing, you can expect competitive pricing, expert technology, and knowledgeable, friendly technical support.

Step 4: EZ Printing

EZ24x7 prints all your reports, tray tags, postage statement and the mail-pieces in tray or sack order. There are dozens of predefined address labels and envelopes with or without return address and permit imprint to choose from. You can also custom design as many labels as you wish giving your mail piece that personal touch. User defines envelopes and address labels permit definition of non-standard envelopes, address labels or custom forms suitable for bulletins and newsletters.

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EZ24x7 Offers a 30 Day Trial with 100k NCOALink Records plus Presort!

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