NCOALink®   CASS/ DPV® Validation Add-Ons

EZ24x7 Software

EZ24x7 Mail Processing offers two levels of service and four optional add-on services. The eLOT® add-on is recommended for Standard Mail® and periodical flats qualifying for additional enhanced carrier route discounts.


• CASS address correction is a process of address matching and address verification against current USPS® address data. Mail*STAR has been USPS CASS Certified since 1996.
• The DPV process determines if the CASS processed address is identified as a Postal Service delivery point and detects vacancies and other addressing issues that may hinder delivery. Mail*DPV has been USPS CASS Certified since 2003.

Change-of-address NCOALink software CASS/DPV

• All input addresses submitted to Change-of-Address NCOALink software must be CASS. processed and DPV confirmed complete with ZIP + 4® and Intelligent Mail® barcode.
• NCOALink software reduces undeliverable as addressed mail matching each name and address against the USPS Change-of-Address data returning the new address as well as the old (original) address information.


• LACSLink®: A process used to convert Rural addresses (RR/HC) and irrational addresses to city-style addresses to provide the emergency service a locatable city street address. LACSLink processing also includes existing city-style addresses that have been renamed and renumbered.

• RDI®Identifies whether mailing address is classified as residential or business by the United States Postal Service® – Separate licensing restrictions apply.

• *eLOT: Provides mailers the ability to sort mailings in approximate delivery sequence order

**Required for Enhanced Carrier Route Sortation Discounts


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