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Direct Mail NCOALink® Move Update Services


You know how some providers charge a flat annual license for CASS/DPV® and NCOALink move update services while others charge a high minimum order fee no matter how small the job?

What we do is offer CASS/DPV and NCOALink move update services without a flat annual license and a modest minimum-processing fee of $2.50. For example, processing a list of 2,500 addresses costs as little as $2.50.

You know how some providers require you to CASS/DPV process your list before providing move update services or require 1) FTP file upload, 2) wait for notification and 3) FTP download to get the results?

What we do is provide CASS/DPV and move update services from your PC while you wait processing lists at 100,000 addresses per minute avoiding FTP file transfers and lengthy delays.

You know how some providers leave the job half done leaving you to fend for yourself with the equally important presort mail preparation?

What we do is provide an end-to-end mailing solution complete with CASS/DPV and NCOALink move update services with complementary presort including all USPS® forms. You only pay for the CASS/DPV and NCOALink move update services.

For example, you could process you list for as $25.00, and get back USPS ready addresses with all required USPS forms in a minute or two from your PC.


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EZ24x7 Offers a 30 Day Trial with 100k NCOALink Records plus Presort!

To Receive your 30 day trial promo code please call one of our representatives to get started. (888) 411-6627.