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  • EZ24x7 Quick And Easy

    Quick and easy

    CASS/DPV® and NCOALink move update services from your PC while you wait processing lists at 100,000 addresses per minute avoiding FTP file transfers and lengthy delays.

  • EZ24x7 User Friendly

    User friendly design

    A renovated and well-organized customer interface design of EZ24x7, is user friendly ,simple, clear and easy to use.

  • EZ24x7 24 hour service

    Service - 24h

    EZ24x7 Server Center available 24/7, for any remote assistance you may require, we will respond to your inquiry promptly.

See what our customers are saying...

  • "EZ24x7 was just what I was looking for. I wanted to get my addresses validated quick and real-time with all of my USPS® reports and mail presort on the spot."

    Mike Lindsay, House Of Ware, Louisiana
  • "EZ24x7's all-in-one NCOA and presort service has simplified our mailings without breaking the bank. In search of a solution to move update requirements, we ended up replacing our existing workflow with AES' quick and simple end-to-end solution."

    Jason Cater, NCS Fulfillment, Tennessee
  • "With the speed, performance, and support that comes with EZ24x7, I can relax knowing I'm getting accurate results and I'm getting them securely without FTP."

    Donnie Karns, Service Objects, California
  • "EZ24X7 is fast, easy to use, and affordable. I can automate, presort, and print mailing documents and labels all in one program. They have excellent customer support and are on your side."

    Esteban Diaz, Border Press Texas

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