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EZ24x7 NCOALink® Instant Service

We believe that return mail is avoidable and that address data should qualify for USPS® Automated-Mail service and postage discounts from the moment it is acquired. We do not believe that the benefit of mail automation has to be expensive nor difficult to implement. The EZ24x7 end-to-end solution guides you through the Automated-Mail process starting with your file of addressees and ending with printed Intelligent Mail® barcoded mail in trays or sacks with all required USPS forms.

EZ24x7 NCOALink Quality Service

EZ24x7 is the service side of Address Enhancement Software. AES systems has been providing CASS Certified data quality solutions since January 1996. Demand for NCOALink processing caused the creation of a service offering because the NCOALink data cannot be distributed in the same way as CASS, DPV®, eLOT®, SuiteLink, LACSLink® and RDI services.

EZ24x7 Customer Care

EZ24x7 adopts all of the same customer oriented focus of Address Enhancement Software. In fact EZ24x7 facilitates having both in-house CASS/DPV software combined with NCOALink quality service. You can always contact us 24/7 for any questions or technical support at our toll free number (888) 411-6627. EZ24x7 has online tutorials, where you can learn the software from processing your mailing list to designing your mail-piece with our 5 video series and learn at your own pace. We have online training sessions which provide an introduction and guided walk-through of a live mailing.

EZ24x7 End-to-End Solution

EZ24x7 is committed to helping you through the entire process. Address list processing is only the first step to USPS Automated-Mail. The free EZ24x7 application continues after processing through presort and mail piece production generating all required USPS forms.

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EZ24x7 Offers a 30 Day Trial with 100k NCOALink Records plus Presort!

To Receive your 30 day trial promo code please call one of our representatives to get started. (888) 411-6627.